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Maysteel's DAMAC product line includes custom and catalog server racks, aisle containment systems and modular systems. Our products alleviate common IT infrastructure challenges for hyperscale, enterprise and colocation data centers.

Server Racks and Cabinets

Server racks form the backbone of the data center infrastructure. DAMAC’s server racks include advanced features that facilitate airflow and equipment access, enhance data center flexibility, and meet stringent structural requirements.

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Equipment Racks

Equipment racks are used in wiring closets and open environments where there is no need for aisle containment.

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Network Racks

Network racks have a wider footprint than server racks to accommodate the cabling requirements of routers, switches and other network gear.

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Aisle Containment

Data center aisle containment increases cooling and airflow efficiencies by isolating chilled intake air from hot exhaust air, reducing the operational costs associated with cooling and allowing for greater equipment. 

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Rapidly deploy your data with an innovative approach to data center infrastructure, the DAMAC Structure. The DAMAC Structure's design affords greater speed, agility and scalability to your data center deployment, all while reducing costs. 

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Wall Mounts

Wall mount enclosures are ideal for high-traffic areas and environments where space is at a premium. These multipurpose wall mounts are used to house network gear in remote sites or for specialty applications such as telephone and audio/visual equipment. 

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Accessories enable any rack to be customized to meet specific requirements for cable management, PDU mounting and more. Because every data center is different, DAMAC offers a wide array of accessories across its entire rack product line. 

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